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Sunday Morning Update #2

Forever Family, This COVID-19 season has been one of ever-changing regulations and a wide variety of opinions and expectations within our church and community. Through it all, we have done our best to make wise, prayerful decisions for Community Church.  We have had hours of conversation about safety, freedom, and authority.  We have sought godly counsel from others.  We have developed plans and communicated those plans as best we could, only to have them change the very next week.  We have appreciated the support, prayers, patience, and flexibility of our church family, and we understand the frustration of those who have not always agreed with our decisions.  It has been a difficult season for all of us. This past Sunday at our Deacon, Deaconess, and Elder meetings, we devoted significant time to the question of what worship should look like for the foreseeable future at Community Church, specifically with regard to the question of singing aloud, and after much discussion arrived at a place of unity and clarity.  The following is what you can expect from Sunday mornings in the weeks to come:

  • For those who choose to attend live services at Community Church, please be aware that there will be complete freedom to sing, stand, and worship without restriction.  We believe that if it is safe to have church at all, then we should be able to make our own decisions about how we express our love to God.  Of course, this freedom also includes the freedom not to sing for those who choose to worship in silence.

  • To the best of our ability, we will continue to comply with all other safety recommendations that have been made to churches in this time.  This includes:

  • Continuing to facilitate social distancing with fewer rows of chairs, 3 Sunday worship services, dismissal through the front of the sanctuary in our first two services, gloved ushers and greeters, sanitization between services, etc.

  • Suggesting that our people refrain from handshakes, hugs, and other physical contact.

  • Encouraging the use of masks, particularly for those who choose to sing.

  • We ask anyone who feels sick or may have been exposed to the virus not to attend worship services.

  • We will continue to stream our 9:30am service online for those who choose to worship from home, and we will respect the fact that many people will feel this is the best option for them at this time.

We are aware that it is impossible to please everyone in this situation, and we are praying for God to preserve the unity of Community Church through this challenging season. We believe that diversity in the church is glorifying to God, but division in the church is the work of our enemy.  We look forward to the day when we can worship safely as the entire church body without restrictions.  In the meantime, please commit yourself to praying for your church family and showing grace to those whose opinions differ from yours as we weather this storm together. In Him, Pastors and Elders of Community Church

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